The Mobile App
Project Canvas
Design your mobile app on a solid foundation.
"The Mobile App Project Canvas", is a grid that can stimulate discussion among the various stakeholders involved in an app design, in an attempt to reach a common vision of the project.
5 sections to get the project overview.

Working on the compilation of the canvas, users approach the discussion on topics related to main mobile app design.

Project Definition

(1) Project Definition

Explain the general idea of the project.


(2) People

Clarifies who the project referents and users of the app are.

Problems & Risks

(3) Problems & Risks

Understand what does not work helps to avoid new errors and mitigate risks.

Features & Plan

(4) Features & Plan

Collect all the features of the project, choose the essential and define a realistic roadmap.


(5) Environment

Provide specific elements that rapresent each mobile project.

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